Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Venue Details launch
Wed, 6th - Fri, 8th Jan 2021

このページは、Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2021( #RSGT2021 )のセッション公募サイトです。

イベントについては Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo公式サイトをご覧ください。




  1. セッション公募とレビュー締切: 2020/9/30
  2. セッション決定と登壇者へのご連絡: -> 2020/10/19





  1. まずは、confengineユーザーの登録
  2. この文書の上にある“ADD PROPOSAL"をクリック
  3. 画面に従い、セッションの題名、内容を入力
  4. セッション内容に合ったカテゴリ、聴衆のレベル、講演時間を選択し、投稿!





  • How to begin Scrum:はじめの一歩
  • Learn and grow by team:チームの学びと成長
  • Technical Excellence:技術と実装
  • Product Ownership and business:プロダクトオーナーシップと商売
  • Great ScrumMaster and coaches:スクラムマスター稼業
  • Organizational change:組織変革とリーダーシップ
  • Thoughts and Experiments:新しい提案や実験
  • Nurturing Communities:コミュニティを育てる

【ご注意】登録時に講演時間を設定ください。Presentation Typeごとに、"Talk", "Panel"は20分セッションもしくは45分セッションとなります。また、"Workshop"は100分(15 - 20名の参加者)となります。





This is a session proposal submission form for Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2021( #RSGT2021 ).

To learn event details, go to Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo website

The Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo is one of the biggest conferences focusing on Scrum and Agile in Japan. It will run for three days from January 6th to 8th.

Please share your experience at your workplaces or any ideas related to Scrum. We accept talks, workshops, discussion panel ideas, but we also welcome your ideas. All submissions will be posted here, reviewed and discussed by community. Though Japanese is the official language of the conference, we welcome submissions in English. All of the accepted sessions in English will be translated into Japanese simultaneously by professional interpreters.

Here you can submit ideas, vote on existing ideas, or add comments.

To submit your session, please click the "ADD PROPOSAL" at the top of this article. You will then be asked to add a title and choose a category for the new idea. Categories are like these :

  • How to begin Scrum
  • Learn and grow by team
  • Technical Excellence
  • Product Ownership and business
  • Great ScrumMaster and coaches
  • Organizational change
  • Thoughts and Experiments
  • Nurturing Communities

PLEASE NOTE: "Talk", "Panel" sessions should be in a 20 or 45-minutes time slot including time for questions. "Workshop" sessions should be in a 100 minutes(15 - 20 participants) time slot. Please provide duration of your session.

You will also have the option to add tags to the idea. To vote on an idea, simply click the heart mark to the left of the idea title. And to add a comment, click the comments icon to the right of the idea title.

Submission and discussion deadline is September 30th. Each person can submit multiple proposals. Organizing committee will send you an acceptance or a reject notice by October 19th. Accepted session will be assigned one speaker ticket. Co-speakers may need to buy their tickets.