I'm an Agile Coach. I read through a lot of job descriptions for agile coaches. What I've noticed is that most people have no clue what they should expect when they hire an agile coach. With so many people now breaking into the role I thought I should share some of what I'm seeing that will help new coaches set expectations when they are interviewing for their next role.

This talk will show job descriptions for coaches that are no more than a month old that we will discuss to show what's being asked for and what the real expectation should be.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

There will be a 3' intro about why I'm doing this talk.

Then there will be slides with excerpts from actual Agile Coach job descriptions. I'll go into what it really means, why it's a red flag, and discuss approaches to let interviewers know what they should expect. 2-3' each.

Conclusion 3'

Lastly, I'll use the remaining time to do a Q & A where I'll see what else the audience has seen in their local job descriptions and see what we can come up with to help them bring a common understanding to their next interview.

Learning Outcome

Learn what's behind the bullet points in a job description for an agile coach. Be able to spot the red flags that could land you in a job that isn't right for you.

Target Audience

Recruiters, coaches, aspiring coaches, and anyone looking to hire an agile coach.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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