OKR Governance: Designing and Setting an outcome-based planning business approach up for large enterprise

This paper is a summary of our experiences about building agile ways of working and outcome-based planning for large enterprises  through designing, implementing and setting Objective Key Result (OKR) governance up and value and data business-oriented mindset. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

a story about OKR and its meaning

why OKRs

some data about OKRs :  companies that use OKRs and metrics

Real business case about designing and implementing an OKR governance at large enterprise:

OKR governance purpose

First objectives of OKR Governance at large enterprise


OKR levels

OKR governance roles

Events and cycles

OKRs inside our OKR governance

OKR alignment

OKr radiators

OKR cycle: SAAL

OKR: tooling agnostic

Tips about OKR tools

common ways to abuse OKRs

OKR and gamification: real business case

to sum up

references and books



Learning Outcome

how to design and implement an OKR governance team at large enterprise to foster an outcome-based planning business mindset at large enterprise

Target Audience

Developers, testers, IT leads and managers, product owners, agile team facilitators, scrum master

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge about OKRs

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