Fashion and the Fight Against Human Trafficking

It touches each of us every day. Fashion is an estimated $2.4 trillion industry with fragmented accountability and complex supply chains. Globalization has created economic opportunities in developing nations while the lack of fair wages, the never ending demand for cheap clothing, and shortened fashion cycles results in labor vulnerabilities. Without attentive consideration, the clothing we wear may be part of the cause behind sweatshop and trafficking atrocities. Learn how trafficking and fashion are intertwined, how ethical fashion prevents vulnerabilities, and how to shop ethically.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Fashion and the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Triangle Waist Company ● Tragedy ● Impact

Labor and Fashion: Then & Now ● Technology ● Globalization ● Tragedy Again: Rana Plaza ● Fashion Revolution

Fast Fashion & Supply Chain Manipulation ● The Problem is Consumers ● Understanding the Numbers ● The Results of Our Consumption

Human Trafficking and You ●

Change is Happening: A Case Study ● Bad Reputation ● Exposed ● Change

The Solution and You ● Part of the Solution is Consumers ○ Hold Brands Accountable ■ Fashion Revolution ○ Certifications ■ Fair Trade ■ Equal Exchange ■ B Corp ○ Shop Ethically ■ The Better World Shopper ■ GoodGuide ○ Shop for the Cause ■ Brands and Retailers providing Dignified Employment for Survivors

Learning Outcome

Participants will be able to 1) explain how manufacturing can lead to exploitation or can be used as prevention and restoration; 2) defend the global conversation around the need for ethical standards for fashion supply chains; 3) evaluate the impact of consumer products on those who make them.

Target Audience

All consumers. If you purchase goods of any type and don’t want to be part of the problem, this presentation will help you better understand how to be part of the solution.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Consumers that are interested in making more socially conscious decisions.

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