A statewide approach to serving minor Victims of Human trafficking: Indiana’s Model

This workshop will provide an introduction to the Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program, a statewide model for addressing human trafficking. The model includes the creation of/coordination with local coalitions to tackle human trafficking in their area, outreach to increase awareness and recognition of trafficking, and establishing a network of service providers to service trafficked youth. The Workshop will provide an overview of the administration, staffing, and fiscal structure of the model, identify resources and partnerships needed, discuss successes and lessons learned and share future goals of the project. Discussion time will be incorporated to allow doe Q and A regarding replication of the model.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Provide a brief overview of the Indiana Youth Services Association statewide structure
  • Provide an overview of the Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program (ITVAP model)
  • Discuss challenges, successes and lessons learned from first year of implementation
  • Explore resources and strategies needed for model duplication

Learning Outcome

  1. Define human trafficking in Indiana
  2. Outline three key components of the Actions, Means, & Purpose model and the 12 sub components.
  3. Explain how human trafficking in Indiana among youth cannot be legally identified as prostitution.
  4. Identify three of the most common youth populations vulnerable to human trafficking in your agency.
  5. Recognize red flags that identify potential HT victims among the youth in your agency.
  6. Review a case study involving youth, identify, and justify the components that should result in a call to DCS

Target Audience

Government official's, NGO's, and Service Providers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Should be familiar with the state and the federal definition of Human Trafficking.

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