There are 50 million children on the move today, which is more than at any time in history. Many were driven from their homes by conflict or disaster with hopes of a brighter future, and far too many of them face danger and exploitation along the way. In response, UNICEF launched the Children Uprooted campaign, which aims to foster policy change, garner public support, and mobilize resources for refugee and migrant children around the world. This workshop will give an overview of the child migrant crisis and discuss ways that organizations worldwide are working to protect children.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Introduction
    1. Terminology Activity
      1. Migrant vs. Refugee vs. Asylum Seeker
  2. Children on the Move
    1. Country of Origin: Why leave?
    2. In Transit: What happens along the way? What increases/reduces vulnerabilities to trafficking?
    3. Arrival: Impact of immigration policies.
    4. Return: What happens after deportation? What are barriers of entry back into the community?
  3. Conclusion: Taking Action
    1. What is UNICEF doing?
      1. 6 Point Agenda for Action
    2. What can we do?

Learning Outcome

Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the challenges refugee and migrant children face along their journeys, and ways that organizations can take action to protect these children.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning more about child migrants and the nature of their vulnerabilities to exploitation along the way.

Prerequisites for Attendees

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