Understanding Effects of Crisis and Trauma for First Responders

The submission of this proposal is in recommendation of Dr. Gopal. The recommendation for a panel format is what she has suggested. I agree and would like to present the dynamics of how secondary trauma can effect Law Enforcement. The influence of the environment that saturates their world plays a hard impact on their lives. Each and every response can be life threatening as well as heart wrenching, anything from human trafficking, child deaths, domestic violence, school shootings, terrorism and more.


Outline/Structure of the Panel

  1. Introduction of Panel
  2. Panel Members Insights
  3. Q and A

Please note: there are 3 slides for reference that might be used. They are diagramming hypervigilance .

Learning Outcome

Insight of the Law Enforcement Culture

Understanding the biological and psychological dynamics of hypervigilance.

Understanding the effects of secondary trauma in relation to work performance and relationships.

Impact of how Human Trafficking effects Law Enforcement.

Target Audience

Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Educators, Governmental Officials

Prerequisites for Attendees

Questions written on 3x5 cards to be submitted to panel

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