Apprise: supporting first responders to proactively screen for signs of labor exploitation and human trafficking

The 2018 US State Department TIP report calls for improvements to the capacity of ‘law enforcement, labor inspectors, and first responders to consistently and proactively screen for and identify victims among vulnerable populations, including migrant workers …’ (p 414). This session begins by describing a series of five stakeholder consultations that we have facilitated over the past sixteen months, to understand how first responders current use technology, and how they believe technology could support them to identify more victims in Thailand. Based on their feedback, we then discuss the design of Apprise, a mobile app to support communication between the two parties; as well as the development of sector specific lists of indicators of exploitation. After a demonstration, we present a series of user stories, illustrating how first responders are currently using Apprise in Thailand.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction to the problem:
    • research question: how can tech support frontline responders to identify more victims of trafficking
    • case study in Thailand
  • Initial stakeholder consultation with: survivors of trafficking, NGOs, government agencies, inter-governmental organizations.
  • What problems do they face with victim identification? How do they believe tech can support them?
  • Issues: communication, training, trust, privacy during initial screening of potential victims
  • Apprise
    • Mobile App that we have developed to support identification
    • System demonstration
    • Question list development
  • User stories
  • Further piloting

Learning Outcome

By the end of this session, participants will understand the purpose of Apprise, and the examples of how it is currently being used to support first responders to identify victims of labor exploitation and human trafficking.

Target Audience

first responders, NGOs,

Prerequisites for Attendees


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