Three advanced clinical specialists will combine their expertise to provide a conference workshop that will address different aspects of mind/body wellness, focusing upon healing the physical/emotional/spiritual self post traumatic experiences. Jane Conron, Ph.D., a practicing licensed clinical psychologist, faculty member and allied medical staff at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, will address the relationship between evidenced-based mind/body treatments, including mindfulness, meditation, as well as the emerging field of sensori-motor psychotherapy to address the trauma healing process. Nancy Heap, LCSW, Program Director for the Faculty Scholars Program at the Osher Center of Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, will explore and identify the way Ikigia Therapy addresses mind/body healing for trauma survivors and how she uses mindfulness and natural healing to address trauma in her own practice. Avanti Singh, MD, a traditionally trained physician and now a trainer, advocate to physicians in major medical centers on natural healing, (Northwestern Hospital, Rush Hospital, etc.), will review "teaching patients how to heal themselves by unleashing their innate healing power and educating students and practitioners how to support such self-healing using meditation, yoga, breath and food – which she believes is true medicine. Dr. Singh will engage in beginning instruction on ways to find one's inner healing resources to recover strength and resilience after trauma.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

Three 15 minute presentations. Would accept more time if available. 90 minutes would be ideal. Would like to do demonstrations and provide opportunities for experiential learning.

Learning Outcome

Become exposed to natural mind/body medicine techniques for healing trauma.

Target Audience

Clinicians, Educators, Healers, Administratory, Organizers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Intermediate and above level of clinical training in trauma.

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