Dr. Vincent Filetti is the co-developer of the ACEs which is highlighted in the current presentation. This is a rare event, a seminal workshop that Dr. Filetti is graciously providing to participants of SAFE 2019. The talk is unique in its addressing human trafficking and how ACEs impacts the vulnerability of youth and adults to human trafficking. His speaking engagements are very limited at this time, and we are honored to have him give us his time.



Outline/Structure of the Interactive

2-hour Intensive Workshop open to all participants for SAFE 2019.

Non-Participant rate: $99 for the luncheon and workshop

Keynote: 45 minutes

Learning Outcome

1. Participants will learn to identify and rate ACEs in their clients

2. Participants will be able to demonstrate two skills in interviewing clients with ACEs

3. Participants will be able to provide recommendations for next steps and follow through with their clients

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants will be well served to review articles by Dr. Vincent Filetti on ACEs and view the many videos easily accessible via the Youtube and other sources on the internet.

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