Transnational trafficking of Nigerian women and girls to Italy/Germany.

The submission of this proposal is of a multifaceted and complex phenomenon of the illegal movement of Nigerian women and girls by traffickers to Europe with special reference to Italy and Germany. There are 875, 500 Nigerians who are victims of modern slavery. I will highlight the influence of environmental factors such as poverty, lack of education, arms conflict, death of parents, gender disparity and lack of political commitment which are predisposing factors at the root of the problem of trafficking; and continues to negatively impact health and overall development of young women and girls in Nigeria. The role of parents/guardian as influential community members and effective collaborators with government and non-for-profit organizations in combatting sex trafficking will be explored.


Outline/Structure of the Panel

  1. Introduction of Panel
  2. Panel Members’ insight into the phenomenon
  3. Questions and Answers

Learning Outcome

* Awareness of the reality of human trafficking of young women and girls that cuts across all cultures.

* Understanding of the problem of human trafficking with special reference to Nigerian experience.

* Insight into the experiences and challenges of living in a foreign land as a trafficked victim.

* Understanding of the likely perpetrators of human trafficking.

* Participants will learn the role of parents as community actors in combating human trafficking

Target Audience

Government Officials * Non-for-profit Organizations * Law Enforcement * Service Providers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Written questions for panel members.

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