Stakeholder Engagement in the Process of Research on Child Sex Trafficking in West Africa

Whereas stakeholder engagement in policy implementation and service provisions to victims of human trafficking is substantially documented in the literature, there are almost no studies on stakeholder engagement in the process of research on this global problem. Yet, input from stakeholders is critical for most studies about human trafficking. Based on an international research study on child prostitution conducted in the West African region, the present paper examines the characteristics of stakeholders and the key ways they were engaged in the research process, from the preparatory stage to the translational stage. A total of 133 stakeholders in 13 major categories were involved in the research process. The paper shows how the involvement of various stakeholders in the development of the study helped improve the outcomes of the research, and most important, helped increase the likelihood of acceptance and dissemination of the findings. The paper also describes examples of implementation of the study findings by stakeholders and discusses implications for future research.


Outline/Structure of the Original Research


Literature Review

1. Stakeholder Engagement in Research
2. Categories of Stakeholder Engaged in Research
3. Importance of Engaging Stakeholders in Research Process
4. Stakeholder Engagement in the Process of Research on Human Trafficking


1. Theoretical Framework
2. Study Setting
3. Stakeholder Characteristics


1. Preparatory Stage of the Research
2. Execution Stage of the Research
3. Translational Stage of the Research



Learning Outcome

  • Learn about strategies to conduct research with hard-to-reach population, especially victims of human trafficking in an international setting;
  • Lean about successful strategies to engage stakeholders (international, governmental, non-governmental, community, policymakers, service providers, educators, etc.) to actively participate in the process of research on human trafficking; and
  • Learn about key roles stakeholders can play in the problem formulation, research design, data collection, and dissemination of study findings, etc.

Target Audience

Researchers and professionals working with hard-to-reach populations, and people interested in research and outreach with human trafficking cases.

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