*. Workshops for Skill sets training in intervention and treatment of victims

In my time working with professionals and communities in this field to help train and equip them to identify survivors in their midst as well as how to communicate with them and work with them effectively since 2012, our work has been transformed since working directly with the survivors themselves since opening the restoration home in 2015. The survivors themselves have deeply impacted and educated our work and efforts to more effectively identify them, communicate with a trauma-informed and strength-based approach. We believe strongly that they are not victims, but survivors and it has been an honor to be able to walk alongside them. We work with professionals on all scales, whether primary care physicians, dentists, law enforcement, OBGYN, educators, pastors, etc in how to better work with the women we serve to more effectively communicate and journey with them in their healing process.

We have been told numerous times that our trainings for law enforcement and medical professionals was far more effective than many of their previous trainings because of how we integrate the actual experiences of the women we've served at Eden's Glory.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

Quick overview of human trafficking

Working with survivors from a trauma-informed and strength-based approach

Internet Safety - how to recognize signs of trafficking online and tools that traffickers use to recruit.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will be able to walk away with a deeper knowledge of how trauma affects the brain and the core beliefs of survivors and how to better communicate and work with survivors that is empowering and effective. They will also be able to work in their own communities and families to develop better prevention and identification strategies to strengthen the safety and resources.

Target Audience

Law enforcement, medical professionals, educators and community members interested in working with survivors of trauma

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic knowledge of human trafficking

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