An Update: Stop the Silence® and Trust MYRIVR - Comprehensive Prevention, Treatment, Mitigation of Child Sexual Abuse and other Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs)

Focus: Describe collaborative efforts, coalition building, community advocacy efforts.

Stop the Silence®, a respected U.S.-based, international non-profit with a mission to prevent, expose, and stop child sexual abuse (CSA) and other adverse childhood events (ACEs) and award-winning management, and its international partner, Trust MYRIVR, based in Auckland, NZ have developed, tested, and vetted an internationally-applicable model for radically altering the way people report a problem and get information about and obtain and use services. Through a free, downloadable App, the public can easily choose from thousands of trained-by-the-Team providers of various types (psychologists, police, social workers, doctors, etc.) who are able to coordinate with each other in real time; a country-wide advocacy program gives info to the public and providers; the App gathers and run analytics used to show concrete results while providing info to enhance the program. Encouraging providers, employees, and the public to collaborate and to access health and social services in their communities can position all those involved to vastly enhance access to and use of services, improve the health of millions, and save millions in disease prevention and treatment.


Outline/Structure of the Interactive

An outline of our presentation.

  1. The world context and new WHO guidelines regarding child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention and treatment as well as other childhood adverse experiences (ACEs)
  2. Overview of background of the work in New Zealand: Past work of Stop the Silence® in Cyprus, past work of Trust MYRIVR in New Zealand, the current partnership of Stop the Silence® and Trust MYRIVR in New Zealand
  3. Discussion of the preparation and setup needed to ensure work will address and is addressing the communities’ own concerns
  4. A presentation of the community-oriented outreach and technical aspects of the project, and their relationships
  5. Current circumstances and outcomes thus far
  6. A presentation of plans to bring this worldwide
  7. Discussion

Learning Outcome

Three behavioral, learning objectives.

  1. Attendees will be able to identify the rationale behind and the aspects of a national comprehensive preventive and treatment model focused on child sexual abuse (CSA) and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), including trafficking.
  2. Attendees will be able to identify the various types of officials and providers that need to be reached in order to ensure a holistic approach to CSA prevention and mitigation.
  3. Attendees will be able to explain the relationship between the use of modern technology and community outreach and development strategies to achieve goals and objectives, and what can be attained as a result.
  4. Attendees will be able to identify and discuss the outcomes achieved.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in comprehensive, collaborated approaches to enhancing access to and providing services regarding pressing social issues

Prerequisites for Attendees

The only prerequisite is an interest in collaborative and comprehensive health and social programming.

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