Men Breaking Free: A Partnership to Reduce Demand by Helping Men Learn, Grow and Heal

Men Breaking Free is a Restorative Justice approach to working with men who have been arrested for attempting to purchase sex from another human being. This unique approach is designed to change attitudes and behaviors with participants by helping them to more fully understand the impacts of sex trafficking and prostitution on people being sold for sex, as well as their communities, families and the men themselves, while simultaneously working with the men to help them heal, find their best selves, and choose to live lives of integrity going forward.

Men Breaking Free was developed in 2018 through a partnership between Breaking Free, a Saint Paul, MN based agency dedicated to ending sex trafficking and prostitution, and Building Peaceful Community, a Roseville, MN based organization that utilizes Public Health principles to promote peace in families, workplaces and communities.

During this workshop participants will:

-Learn about the unique partnership between Breaking Free and Building Peaceful Community to transform Breaking Free's former "John School" into Men Breaking Free;

-Have the opportunity to experience many of the core discussions and exercises used during Men Breaking Free workshops;

-Learn about evaluation results and discussion summaries from over 120 participating men since the inception of Men Breaking Free in June of 2018; and

-Discuss with Men Breaking Free program developers and facilitators how this unique approach might be implemented in participants' home cities and countries.

(Please note: if this proposal is approved for the conference, I will request that one or two co-presenters from Breaking Free's staff attend to co-present with me.)


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This will be a highly interactive workshop where participants will experience many of the aspects of a day-long Men Breaking Free workshop.

Learning Outcome

Please see learning objectives listed in Abstract.

Target Audience

People who are interested in learning about an innovative approach to working with men who have been arrested for trying to purchase sex, that is based on Public Health and Restorative Justice principles.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Anyone with an interest and background in the subjects covered at the SAFE conference would be well equipped to participate in the proposed Men Breaking Free workshop.

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