Tattoo Removal and Tattoo Transformation as a Therapeutic Process

Sacred Transformations is a non for profit organization that is devoted to helping individuals
who have body markings that significantly impact their safety and/or body image. Many
traffickers abuse their victims leaving the individuals with scars, burns, or tattoos branding the
person as their property. Even after the person is able to escape their trafficker these body
markings remain; acting as a constant reminder of the trauma experienced. Additionally, even
after relocation or protective services, many victims with these markings live in fear that they
will be recognized or re-victimized if someone notices. Our federally recognized 501(c)(3)
charity provides FREE scar, burn, and tattoo transformations, or ‘cover-ups’, in addition to
laser removal services. The implications of our services are monumental; giving survivors full
autonomy over their body after they have been victimized. Self-esteem and hope for a fresh
start at a new life are granted through transformative tattooing. On a local and national level
we have documented several different types of body markings associated with gang activity,
as well as well know human traffickers. We would like to further collaborate with law
enforcement agencies, safe houses, and other non for profits to track, prevent human
trafficking, as well as facilitate the healing of survivors.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Walking attendees through the processes of our services with examples.

Learning Outcome

To know of our services at Sacred Transformations providing free tattoo removal and tattoo transformations for those marked in demonstrative ways including human trafficking brandings representing property.

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees


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