According to Forbes, in 2015, Generation Z made up 25% of the U.S. population, making them larger than the Baby Boomer generation or Millennials. Millennials and Generation Z are our most underutilized resource in the nonprofit sector. They have the power to enact change in 140 characters and are itching for a cause to dedicate themselves to. This talk explains the power and importance of youth engagement in our work to end trafficking and support survivors.

The talk also addresses Sanjana's novel approach to economic empowerment in the context of rehabilitation work with sex trafficking survivors and Rakshana, a nonprofit with divisions in five countries that is filling the need for support for rescued sex trafficking victims through STEM and financial literacy education.

Be sure to drop by the Youth Engagement Panel later on to hear more about Sanjana's journey founding and growing Rakshana.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Lecture format



  • Introducing Generation Z
  • The Importance of Youth
  • How to Engage Youth
    • Addressing concerns for youth-survivor volunteering


  • Redefining Economic Empowerment
  • Tony Robbins in the Context of Sex Trafficking Survivor Rehabilitation
  • A New Identity For Survivors


  • Founding
  • Rakshana's Mission
  • Our Work Abroad
  • Incorporating Youth


  • Where to Go From Here

Learning Outcome

  • Gain insight into the upcoming generation of volunteers and influencers
  • Acquire skills to utilize Generation Z and the Millennials to further your cause
  • Learn a new approach to economic empowerment and rehabilitation programs
  • Examine Rakshana's work to learn how survivors can be rehabilitated to fill higher paying positions in the job market
    • Prevent survivors from voluntarily returning to prostitution in order to financially support themselves

Target Audience

victim advocates, educators, nonprofits, funding agencies, volunteers, media, sex trafficking survivors

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