Agile Personas are…different.

We have all seen the typical persona poster with the picture in one corner and the funny name underneath, with their likes and dislikes and their favourite colour – the personas the marketing team uses are for promoting your brand. But, when it comes to building software, does the marketing persona add anything?

1/3 of your user story is devoted to the persona - but are we spending enough time creating them and using them to their full potential? 

This talk looks to reinvent the agile persona to become a valuable tool used throughout the development lifecycle and complement the marketing persona.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

What are personas

How to create a set of fine-grained personas 

How to use personas for better testing

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave with a toolset for creating better user stories and a guide to creating a catalogue of personas that will enable better testing outcomes and customer value. 

Target Audience

Scrum team members, Scrum Masters, Business SMEs

Prerequisites for Attendees

Familiarity with user stories. 


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