Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate, Lego and Scrum Game

In this workshop we will share a role-based simulation of DevOps culture using the scrum framework. This is a large scale activity that will include all attendees split into 2 to 4 scrum teams and will have team members adopt common scrum and operational team personas in a fun and interactive game.

Credit must be given first and foremost to the originator of this game Dana Pylayeva, this is a culture simulation that can be shared with any scrum team!

The outcomes for the players will include an understanding of DevOps, its roles and their inter-dependencies, the acquisition of T-Shaped skills, and the scrum teams journey of operational inclusion.

Oh and did I mention you get to play with Lego and eat Chocolate?


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Welcome and Introduce the topic - 10mins
  2. Game Setup, Rules & Role Selection - 15mins
  3. Sprint 1 Event (demonstrate scrum) - 10mins
  4. Sprint 1 Debrief - 5mins
  5. Sprint 2 Event (optimise scrum) - 10mins
  6. Sprint 2 Debrief - 5mins
  7. Introduce DevOps - 5mins
  8. Cross-training - 5mins
  9. Sprint 3 Event (devops evolution) - 10mins
  10. Final Aha! Moments - 5mins

Learning Outcome

  1. Learn to address a traditional common misalignment of goals of the 3 major groups in product development - customer, development and operations
  2. Experiment with decoupling of a sprint from a release by minimising batch size, increase release frequency, amplify feedback loops and move towards continuous flow of value
  3. Understand how widening individual skills within a development team to span all necessary work to get the job done as well inclusion of business and operational members can have a positive impact on the overall delivery process and help eliminate constraints

Target Audience

This workshop is for anyone working in an organisation that: use agile practices and principles, experiences upstream or downstream issues with collaboration, have issues with delivering working product, or the discovery of new work such as cyber vulnerability creates major disruption.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No pre-requisites


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