Quality Engineering should be Agile ! We all know that testing is not the same as it was before. In many cases, the barriers between Test Engineers and Software Engineers must be destroyed.  

Testing and programming are two parts of the software development life cycle done by the same people, but all of them have a specified impact on not only the time to market but the quality of the software functionality itself. Taking an Agile approach means that the purpose of the tests changes from finding defects to preventing them by using different approaches and processes, like RCA, shift left, etc.  

This fundamentally different viewpoint guides essential changes in how engineers work together. And while there is a noticeable shift from traditional Quality Assurance towards Quality Engineering, the primary testing principles remain the same. A product should be shipped to market fast without incidents that can impact customer satisfaction.   

An Agile attitude to the culture of quality within an organization is an excellent place to start, but just integrating agility into workflows is rarely enough. Companies need to know that these changes in attitude can take time to implement, it is hard to start and process but it is always worst to do it. This transformation will require full support across the organization. Real transformation requires change at all levels, but whenever you commit to an investment in Agile and in the testing processes will drive you to success in the long run.  

During the session, I will go through the experience I had and will present the potential outcome of the Agile transformation of Quality Engineering.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  • What is the Quality of Engineering 
  • How to ship the product fast 
  • Agile transformation of Quality Engineering 
  • Potential outcomes from the transformation 
  • Promoting prevention rather than correction

Learning Outcome

  • What practices to use to increase the effectiveness of the Agile transformation
  • How to move from subteam to whole team contributing to Agile transformation 
  • What does success in Agile Transformation look like in an organization, incrementally

Target Audience

anyone working in agile environment


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