The pandemic taught us many things – about our professions, our teams, ourselves... But it also exposed gaps in our workplace repertoire – not all of us were well-equipped for a virtual workforce and the unexpected challenges that came from losing in-person interactions. Conflict has taken on a new identity that requires a more rigorous understanding of virtual behavior and workplace empathy. In this session, we will take a deep dive into virtual conflict and discover facilitation techniques that empower empathetic mediation and steer conversations toward healthy resolution.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

1.Purpose with Interactive Ice Breaker - 5 min

2.WIIFM (review the desired outcome of the 40 min session) - 2 min

3.What is Virtual Conflict? - 2 min

4.Causes of Virtual Conflict - 2 min

5.5 Dysfunction of a Team - 5 min

6.5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team - 5 min

7.Virtual Working Agreements with Interactive Activity - 5 min

8.Take an Empathetic Approach - 5 min

9.Facilitation Techniques with Interactive Activity - 5 min

10.Closing Remarks - remaining time (3-5 min)

Learning Outcome

After this session participants will have a strategy for:

  • Identifying Virtual Conflict
  • Knowing how to formulate a game plan
  • Being ready to facilitate through Virtual Conflict
  • Supporting your Team, Peers, and Colleagues through Virtual Conflict!

Target Audience

Facilitators, Team Coaches, Scrum Masters, People Leaders, Change Agents, Team Members

Prerequisites for Attendees

  1. Participants should currently serve in a facilitative role or have a desire to take on facilitative responsibilities.
  2. Participants should have experience with fully or hybrid remote working models.
  3. The session will be highly interactive  and movement throughout the room will be needed to gain the full outcome and benefit of the session. 



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