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    Daniel Maslyn - Reaching the “Big Picture” In Testing and Quality / テストと品質における「全体像(ビッグピクチャー)」への到達

    Daniel Maslyn
    Daniel Maslyn
    IT Consultant
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    90 Mins

    “When one looks to closely one sees too much,  When one looks from far away one does not see enough, When one learns to look from the right distance, one sees the solutions”  Maslyn - 2023

    Our profession has no set rules. Shouldn’t it have something common to all practitioners though? There are methods and processes but there is no one method that can claim to be complete and take the place of common sense. One must learn to master their own ship of testing based on their natural talents for curiosity and experimentation tempered with smart choices in their years of experiences both positive and negative that shaped their learning process. I know of no one who said when they were little, they wanted to grow up to be a “tester” but I know many who found themselves in the situation to take on a massive responsibility to test systems which our fellow human beings rely upon and interacts with for mission critical processes day in and day out. Good testing is not easy. If it were, solely automated tools and machines would already be doing it. The real act of testing and quality management still requires the ability to focus sometimes quickly and efficiently one the smallest of details while still being able to in an instant zoom out and not lose the forest through the tress.  How can we develop this “Testing Zoom”. How do we take what seems like a show stopping defect with no solution or a lack of test data methods that present a possible show stopping issue an project defect and turn it into an opportunity and victory and even learn to improve in our automation, tools and skills to tackle harder and more difficult problems? We need to learn to work as a team and have a vision that is calibrated to take in the entire picture and the various aspects which are not just technological but very human indeed. You cannot learn this “test zooming” in a book.  If it were possible to condense these years of learning into a book or method or lecture, the craft would not be worthwhile. Instead, it must be introduced and the mind and body must be trained over the years not unlike learning a martial art or music instrument. This requires sometimes following a strict set of rules and methods and then requires the tester to be willing to engage their intuition and senses and logic in many ways they probably never thought they were capable of. Sometimes these talents only come out when one is facing what seems like a seemingly insurmountable testing task or challenge. Only then does the testers innate skills come to bear. Testing and a true Quality Mindset require a living and learning approach that is not only based on tools and methods and context but also on empathy and adjusting the “zoom” and focus of your efforts to the right distance to get the needed balance and understanding of “the big picture”. But what is the “big picture”? Is it just the territory of the projects we find ourselves tasks with carrying out or is it sometimes in the greater whole of our societies and world where we have chosen to fulfill the testing roles we have to carry out? Why do some thrive in these roles and others seems to only endure them? And how does knowing how to learn this talent of seeing the whole and the parts as one develops. This session will explore these questions and hopefully give you the answers for yourself. Let’s reach for the big Picture together.

    「近くから見ると多くを見すぎ、遠くから見ると十分でなく、適切な距離で見えることを学ぶと、解決策が視える」ダニエル・マスリン - 2023







    私たちは、チームとして働くことを学び、全体像と、技術的な面だけでなく人間的な面も含めたさまざまな側面を取り込むための調整されたビジョンを持つ必要があるのです。この 「テストのズーム」は本では学べません。 もし、こうした長年の学習を本やメソッド、講義に凝縮することが可能なら、この技術に価値はないでしょう。その代わり、武術や楽器の習得とは異なり、導入して何年もかけて心と体を鍛えなければならない。そのためには、時には厳しいルールやメソッドに従った上で、直感や感覚、論理を駆使して、自分では思いもよらなかったような方法で挑戦することが求められます。




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    kobase 555
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