Alex and Gabor will introduce two types of coaches. One focusing on mindset, values and principles, the other will focus on processes, tools and enterprise transformation.

It will provide a fun, but insightful argument about which type of coaching is more beneficial to an organisation.

What type of coach would you rather work with? You will have the chance to share your thoughts in the group exercise as well.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The session is a 45 minute talk and group exercise (note to the organisers: If required, this can be a talk only session as well)

  1. Talk ~15 minutes
    1. Introducing the coaching types (Alex to introduce Gabor as a Corporate coach, Gabor to introduce Alex as a Hippie coach)
    2. Top 5 things that these coach types value (Alex and Gabor each list values)
    3. Top 5 challenges that these coach types face
  2. Group Exercise ~15 minutes
    1. 1-2-4-All on which coach is right (self-reflection for 1 minute, then discuss in pairs for 2 minutes, then groups of 4 discuss for 4 minutes, then 8 minutes for large-room discussion)
  3. Talk - Summary 5 minutes
    1. Independent of the result, we share our thinking, why a mix of the two types of coaches is the right approach.
    2. Common ground: We need purpose (WHY), alignment (WHAT), skills (WHO), empowerment (HOW)
  4. Questions and Answers 10 minutes

Learning Outcome

Understanding that not every coach is the same and all types of coaching have benefits. There is no one right way of coaching, just like there is no silver bullet for agility. However, there are elements that are generally beneficial for an organisation.

Target Audience

Head of Coaches, Agile Coaches, Agile Transformation Sponsors, Agile executives, Team members

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