Selenium tests have a number of typical problems: timeouts, ajax, StaleElementException etc. 

We created an open-sources library Selenide that resolves most of these problems out-of-the-box. Selenide is a wrapper aroung Selenium that bring some useful features and resolves typical problems. 

With Selenide you don't need to bother about technical details and can concentrate on buisness logic.

In this session you will learn how to handle UI tests efficiently, how to overcome the technical issues of UI testing like like browser lifecycle, timeouts and waitings and how to keep the sanity with the growing number of test cases in your system.

Join the session to find out how Selenide resolves typical problems of UI testing in a simple and elegant way, and enjoy live coding!


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

* Brief overview of UI Testing, comparing to other kinds of tests (5 min)
* What is Selenide: syntax, benefits (5 min)
* Live coding: GoogleTest (10 min)
* Typical problems of UI Tests (Ajax, timeouts, instability, maintenance nightmare) (10 min)
* How Selenide resolves them (5 min)
* Demonstration of running UI tests on a real internet-bank (run in the background during Q&A session)

Learning Outcome

After this session, you will

* feel taste of simple and readable tests
* get a strong wish to start writing UI tests

Target Audience

QA engineers, developers

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    ExtJS is a web development framework used for developing next generation web based UIs. In ExtJs the object Id's are dynamic in nature, the object id's are not static everytime the object is rendered in UI. The challenge is to automate UI functionality when the objects are dynamic. Extjs does not recommend assigning static html-ids to objects for web application development.

    Would like to share our experience how selenium webdriver with java has been leveraged in retrieving those dynamic Id's at run-time and perform operations on those objects. A way for test automation on an web application which is developed using ExtJS framework which generates the dynamic html-ids.

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    Andrei Solntsev - The fast and the continuous

    Andrei Solntsev
    Andrei Solntsev
    Software developer
    schedule 9 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    Do you still run tests on Selenium?
    Are you still trying to parallelize your tests?
    Do you still dream about own Selenium Grid with 30 servers and running tests in few hours?
    Do you still think that TestNG is coolers than JUnit?

    Then you definitely should come and listen: 5 things that you are doing wrong in software testing.