Selecting the right automation framework is hard. Today, there are so many possibilities. From open source solutions to our own developed commercial tools.

In this session, I'll take you through my automation journey of 6 years of automating different systems and how I selected the right automation tool/framework for each project.

We'll "fight" together the never-ending battle between selecting our own tool as a vendor to selecting the right tool for the project which is open source. How we convinced management that open source was the right selection over our own vendor tools.

I'll explain the process of selecting a new framework for a new product and share the 10-commandments of an automation framework for us.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • Explaining the 1st project and the tool that we selected (internal tool) and the lessons learned
  • Explaining the 2nd project and how I convinced management to select an open source over our own vendor tool and the lessons learned
  • My latest project and the current automation implementation we have
  • The 10 guidelines for selecting a new automation frameworks

Learning Outcome

  • How to convince your management to select open source
  • What are the 10 must-have for an automation framework
  • Understand that it's not about the tool itself but about selecting the right tool for the right product

Target Audience

Automation Engineers, Test Architects, Test Managers


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Public Feedback

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      Ori Bendet - Tales from the Dark Side: The Growth, Implementation and Influence of Selenium inside Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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      Join Ori Bendet, HPE Inbound Product Manager for Functional Testing to discuss how HPE’s R&D uses Selenium and other open source tools. Understand the new roles and responsibilities of dev/test @HPE and how they fit into current team structure. Discover their lessons learned about how Selenium and open source has contributed to the success and maturity of HPE's own quality assurance and testing tools across the entire portfolio.