Slaying Inefficiency and Instability with TDD and Page Tests

Don’t over-complicate your tests by creating unmaintainable suites that break easily.  Implementing the Page Object pattern is a great start, but building a test harness using TDD and UI-level unit tests can improve development speed and test reliability.  Suites of small, direct tests validating your test harness before you use them makes them more stable for large, complex regression tests.  Using TDD vastly improves your efficiency in creating and maintaining Page Objects. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Demonstration of traditional test complexity
  • Quick overview of Page Object pattern
  • Unit test / Page test analogies
  • Demonstration of ground up Page Object / Test creation
  • Using a Page Test suite as part of Continuous Integration

Learning Outcome

The key takeaway of this session will be:

    • Learning how to apply Unit testing best practices to Selenium tests
    • Understanding the value of both efficiency and added reliability
    • Understanding how to apply the pattern for themselves

Target Audience

Test Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, Automation Engineers

schedule Submitted 7 years ago