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Session notes in Exploratory testing(ET) approach can be used to capture more than bugs. It not only serves as a memory of a bug,  but a structured testing and learning method can be deduced from the session notes.

The workshop comprises of:

  • Introduction to ET and Session based test management (SBTM)
  • Elements of Session Notes
  • Note taking skills, tools and tips
  • Detection theory, Metrics

Many complain about ET being unstructured, session notes is an answer to such misleading beliefs. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction - 10 minutes
  • Elements of the session notes - 40 minutes
  • Case study - 20 minutes
  • Questions and Conclusion - 20 minutes

Learning Outcome

  • Uses of session notes
  • To define context
  • To debunk myths about Exploratory Testing
  • To answer questions about metrics in Exploratory Testing

Target Audience

Testing fraternity - Beginners and advanced exploratory testers.


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