Step by Step Mobile Automation with maintainable element locators

This workshop will feature getting started with automating Android & iOS native apps and Mobile web using Appium with java.

We will learn :

    - how to capture elements for all these 3 categories (Mobile Web, android, iOS)

    - how to create tests

    - how to give them a form of framework to have reporting/screenshots etc. benefits

    - how to setup to run all of them in parallel to save time of testing




Outline/Structure of the Workshop




    • Setting up Environment for Android    - 15 min
    • Connecting android & iOS emulators to appium - 10 min
    • Capturing elements to write tests - 10 min
    • Creating solid tests.   - 10 min


  • Setting up Environment for Android    - 15 min
  • Connecting android & iOS emulators to appium - 10 min
  • Capturing elements to write tests - 10 min
  • Creating solid tests. -10

Framework utilities:

  • Capturing required test feedback information (screenshots, logs, reports) - 5 min
  • Setting up for Executing all test types in parallel (android, ios)                 - 10 min
  • To do's and not to do's : selection of right locating strategy                       - 5 min


Q & A: 5 min


Learning Outcome

Knowledge of how to automate Mobile (android native app, ios native app, browsers on android & ios devices) using Appium

Common problems in recognising elements & approaches to dig into problems to find work-around.



Target Audience

QA Leads, SDET, Test Engineer, Test Framework Architects, CTO, DevOps



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Public Feedback

    • Robin Gupta

      Robin Gupta - The Interviewer, Interviewee and vice-versa

      Robin Gupta
      Robin Gupta
      schedule 5 years ago
      Sold Out!
      20 Mins

      This small talk is about the intricate fabric of discussion between an interviewer and an interviewee for the post of Automation Engineer.

      The audience would be taken through a maze of silly, run of the mill, subjective, bizarre and occasionally brilliant questions/answers/discussions found in an average interview for Automation Engineer/Selenium Engineer. 

      We'll try to look at the 4 quadrants of the Selenium Interview circle, covering it from the perspectives of :

      1. The Interviewer
      2. The Interviewee
      3. Current Industry state
      4. How can we improve?

      This might seem like a soft, non-technical, not-so-important topic of discussion but we must remember that bad interviews lead to bad candidates lead to bad deliverables. As they say, For want of a nail the battle was lost. 

      And in today's cut-throat world none of us can afford losing a good candidate to a bad interview.

      Lets gather around a fire of questions, on the beach of answers to surgically comprehend the What, How and Why of Selenium Interviews.


      The Candidate


    • Pooja Shah

      Pooja Shah - Can we Have it All! {Selenium for web, mobile and Everything what a Product needs}

      Pooja Shah
      Pooja Shah
      Lead Automation Engineer
      schedule 5 years ago
      Sold Out!
      45 Mins
      Experience Report

      Problem Statement

      Expected Result: Mobile is taking over the world and wow! my product works awesomely everywhere.

      Actual Result:  OMG! it breaks on iOS 6 :-( 

      Holy Jesus! did we also test on firefox version 30.0 on Windows machine ?? innocent

      Having an application on all major platforms(Desktop Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Native apps etc.) brings a daunting requirement of verifying every single feature before giving a +1 for release and so it becomes essential for the QA folk to test and provide proper feedback as quickly as possible, which immediately takes the complete reliance only on manual testing out of the question and pushes for the need for automated testing with scalable automation framework embracing any product need in the future.

      We surely have 5 points to be answered before we think about such solution :

      1. Do we have a single test code which can test the product everywhere with a simple mechanism to trigger and manage them?
      2. Where is the plan to reduce Time To market having so many tests running before each code push?
      3. Do we have 1 click solution to monitor all the test results in one go to assert the state of ThumbsUp for release?
      4. Is continuos integration in place?
      5. How can I integrate all of the above 4 points using the same beautiful tool Selenium along with other aligned open-source projects like Appium, Shell and Jenkins?
    • 45 Mins

      Building a Test Automation Framework is easy - there are so many resources / guides / blogs / etc. available to help you get started and help solve the issues you get along the journey.

      Teams already building 1000s of tests of various types - UI, web service-based, integration, unit, etc. is a proof of that.

      However, building a "good" Test Automation Framework is not very easy. There are a lot of principles and practices you need to use, in the right context, with a good set of skills required to make the Test Automation Framework maintainable, scalable and reusable.

      In this talk, we will focus on one of the critical aspects and patterns in building the Test Automation framework - Test Data!

      We will look at different data patterns as options and techniques how to create, manage, use, reuse Test Data in a way to keep the tests running in an reliable and deterministic way. We will also discuss what questions to ask, what things to think about in selecting your approach for Test Data!

      This discussion will be applicable for any type of Test Automation (web / mobile / desktop), but, we will focus primarily on UI automation frameworks, ex. using Selenium.


    • Ankita Gupta

      Ankita Gupta / Jatin Makhija - Web Push Notification Automation Mystery Solved!

      45 Mins

      Push Notifications are the latest way of sending updates to our users. More and more Organisations are implementing Web Push Notifications along with emails and other notification systems.

      So the Big Question that arises is "How do we automate them?"

      We have come up with a library in various languages which can be integrated with your Automation suite and provide you everything you need about the notification triggered.

      You can easily then trigger and verify the push notification sent and ship out the product without worries :)

    • Dan Cuellar
      Dan Cuellar
      schedule 5 years ago
      Sold Out!
      45 Mins

      Over the last few years, Appium has become the choice automation tool for mobile application UI testing. Most people are familiar with the basics of Appium, but did you know that you Appium can identify elements using image recognition? Did you know you it's also possible to automate Windows phone and Desktop apps with Appium? Have you ever seen Appium run the same test on multiple operating systems, or seen an Appium test run using several devices at once?

      The talk will cover advanced Appium topics such as these along with best practices to ensure you get the most out of Appium.

    • Luke Inman-Semerau

      Luke Inman-Semerau - Grid Workshop

      480 Mins

      Selenium Grid can be a bit daunting to get up and running. Starting it is quite easy, but using it effectively requires pulling in third party tools. In this workshop we’ll cover how you would realistically run your grid, using modern tooling to run a grid with docker containers or in a cloud service like AWS or theoretically your own VM provisioning environment.