Reports of Automation : All problems, One Solution

In the topsy turvy world of automation, root cause analysis of hundred test cases executed in different iterations/platforms is a real challenge.  And in IT world, challenges give birth to new tools, technologies & solution methodology.

So, my demonstration aims at handling this tedious challenge by a simple key process to handle the situation & build a custom tool which seamlessly integrates with any framework. Succinctly, it will give a clear picture of capturing, analyzing & figuring out the root cause for failure amidst execution of many test cases in multiple iterations/platforms.






Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Problem Statement 
    • Handling Automation Reports for multiple platforms.
  • Key Problems in test execution and result.
    • Comparing Automation Results with multiple iterations
  • Technologies used for building solution.
  • Approach for designing automation testcases.
    • Standard Test case template.
    • Best Practices.
  • Demonstration
    • How to build your framework
    • Things to be considered for Reports
    • Report Analysis and Trends
    • Backward Traceability
  • Q & A




Learning Outcome

  • Manage multiple test execution
  • Managing daily and weekly executions.
  • Historical Analysis
    • Comparison of test results across multiple builds
    • Comparison of the test results across multiple iterations
    • Comparison of the test results across multiple browsers
  • Best Practices for scripting test cases

Target Audience

Automation Engineers and Managers


schedule Submitted 7 years ago