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An eye with a sight can view the world, but an eye with a vision can transform it!

Truly said, good ideas might yield success but great ones earn prestige too. In the corporate world, this journey of molding an idea from being different to distinct involves understanding of the market trends, competing with already established brands and above all, hitting the correct audiences. Majority of software products have world-wide acceptance and are huge hits but what makes some of them stand out is their peculiarity of serving specially able people, individuals who lack competent physical or mental faculties.
In conjunction with delivering a product that caters to the need of specially able people, effective testing of the software is required to make sure all accessibility guidelines are implemented while product development and that the product complies to all accessibility standards facilitating a smooth user experience, both for individuals with abilities and disabilities.

Keeping under consideration the need of continuous accessibility testing, cost involved in setting up the testing conditions, effort in executing relevant scenarios and significance of complying to government accessibility standards, the paper proposes a cost-effective solution that takes accessibility testing to next level where our existing functional automation shell can leverage to embed accessibility testing as well, leading to faster, comprehensive, authentic and integrated results. Hence the title, “An Automated itinerary to achieve accessibility”


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Statistics about accessibility testing accomplishments

Problems regarding manual testing for unveiling accessibility issues

Our solution - integration of selenium scripts with a reliable accessibility library to automate accessibility testing

Demonstration of out solution and its benefits

Future aspects and take aways

Learning Outcome

1. Considerably fast accessibility testing for standard accessibility compliances by automated tests

2. Selenium scripts carrying out the functional tests as well as accessibility tests together

3. Leveraging selenium capabilities to enable an automation engineer, who isn't an accessibility expert to carry out standard tests of accessibility

Target Audience

Automation Engineers, QA Leads


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