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In this talk we will delve into one the biggest challenges that Test Automation developers face, finding elements i.e. a robust test means finding the same element with high fidelity while the Application Under Test keeps changing.

We will categorise the methods, and show where developer fail, where machines (Record/Playback) fail, and suggest a new way for locating elements, and analyze the skill-set required to overcome those difficulties.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Overview - Basic DOM, CSS Selector and XPath explained.

Find the problem game. Interaction with the audience. Describing failures, and the audience finds the root cause e.g. https://youtu.be/aMOjtH34feI?list=PL4Xdj6CMk6HSfO7ejBQO44KYLX0JvT5YS&t=456

Common patterns to some developer failures (e.g. Page Objects) and how they help preventing some false positives.

Common patterns to some failures by record/playback tools.

Explaining the proposed "Statistical Element Locator", and how it solves this challenge.

Learning Outcome

Better understanding of locators, why they fail, the best patterns to minimize the failures and the time to find the root cause.

Understand new proposed method of locating elements which minimizes false positive failures caused by current methods.

Target Audience

Test Automation Developers



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  • Vinay Babu

    Vinay Babu - Web Scrapping with Selenium and Data Analysis using IPython Notebook

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    Data Analysis is one of the upcoming field and as many of the data scientists says that the most of time they spend for analysis is on Data cleaning, So, In this short session we will see how one can pull the data from the web using Selenium Webdriver and will use this data further for the Data Analysis, The entire exercise will be executed on a IPython Notebook, which is a tool used to execute & save your code and perform data analysis using python data analysis libraries, it also provides a platform to massage the data and visualize it in the form of graphs and tables.

    This entire exercise would be helpful for anyone who wants to understand how data can be pulled with the help of Selenium Webdriver from a website and organized using python libraries for the data analysis. During this session we would be using an open source data for analysis and see how we can draw conclusions using this data.

  • Michal Vanek

    Michal Vanek / Filip Braun - Breaking down the barriers: Testing desktop apps with Selenium

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    Selenium was born for web-application testing. But have you ever thought it could be a great tool for testing Windows desktop apps too?

    Today, more and more desktop apps use a web-like approach to implement their UI. The methods vary from basic HTMLayout environment to complex designs in CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework). However traditional GUI automation tools seem to be a step behind or ignoring the trend completely. This situation calls for finding new ways of testing.

    In our talk we shall introduce to you a new way of utilizing Selenium for automated testing of desktop applications. No matter whether the HTML UI content is completely offline or loaded and updated dynamically, Selenium is able to access and navigate it just like in a web page. We’ll also show you how to build a small framework around it and plug it into your Continuous Integration process. All of this will be demonstrated using a real-life instance of Avast Antivirus for Windows.