It Is All About Prioritization, At The End Of The Day

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Whether it is Dallin Oaks quote that reads ““Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.” Or Mahatma Gandhi’s quote that goes “Action expresses priorities”, the message I want to bring to the audience is as simple as “It is all about prioritization at the end of the day”. While this applies to all of us in all disciplines, it is even more relevant for us as testers in today’s world of increasing task scope and complexity. Whether it be manual or automated testing, what test matrices to use, what test data to incorporate, what defects we want to pick to defend, what tests to automate, what tool to leverage for automation, the overall success of a quality effort, is based on smart choices that a tester makes. Smart choices are not possible without educated prioritization strategies. For example, if I were an attendee in the Selenium conference even deciding which track session to attend amongst the varied options I have, is a choice driven by an underlying prioritization technique. This proposal is aimed at discussing and presenting core prioritization strategies and mapping them with very specific software testing and test automation examples that the attendees can take back and apply in their day to day practices with immediate effect. One would be amazed to see the varied styles of prioritization that are available – being privy into them and understanding them with examples, will help the attendee choose which style of prioritization works best with their personality and leverage them right away.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I will start off talking about why prioritization. I will then introduce the audience to varied prioritization techniques such as coping mechanisms, procrastination (yes this is a prioritization technique too), and map specific software testing examples to each of these techniques - examples will largely be based on test execution and automated tests, given the target audience. We will also look at certain "what if" scenarios, as to what may have happened if such prioritization was not done. I will also discuss a case study from our experience that stood out primarily because of smart optimization we took up, which helped us make the right execution choices. This will help the audience relate to and resonate with their work with immediate effect and apply them in their organizations.

Learning Outcome

1. An increased sense of appreciation for "prioritization" in today's fast paced software testing world

2. Understanding how test prioritization is done through varied techniques

3. Understanding "optimized" actions that are a direct result of smart prioritization

4. A true hope to change the mentality that we testers often get into of "not wanting to say no". Learning to saying no is a very important aspect of prioritization

Target Audience

This will make sense for testers at all levels, as all of us juggle varied roles and tasks on a daily basis. We all can most definitely learn to better prioritize what we do


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