Understanding UX, and approaches to measuring and testing UX

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UX is a widely used, and sometimes abused, term that represents 'User Experience', typically across a population - for instance all the iOS users.

There are various ways to measure UX. For instance, aspects of UX can be measured digitally, for instance using web and/or mobile analytics, or inferred, for instance if an application crashes or is killed by the operating system the UX is unlikely to be positive for the user(s) who were affected. Other aspects of UX may be inferred from what people write about the app or software they're using. However what people write and what they think often differs and may conflict, so we need ways to interpret the feedback to use it appropriately and usefully. And finally for this section, what people say, do, and their facial expressions may provide further clues about their UX.

The quality of UX may significantly affect revenues for some organisations, and therefore finding ways to measure and test UX may be vital for the long terms health of the organisation and those who work for it. Bad UX is Bad Business; and conversely Good UX is Good Business.

This workshop describes the landscape of UX, including ways to measure UX and test aspects of UX. It is based on ongoing research, including interviews with various organisations, and leaders in the testing community in various countries.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • What is UX
  • Examples of Bad UX
  • Possible ways to measure UX (including limitations of the measurements and the methods)
  • Ideas for how to improve UX (based on data and evidence) including more depth on using app-based analytics
  • Examples of Good UX
  • Beyond UX
  • Wrap up.

Learning Outcome

A broad understanding of the topic UX, including the perspective of the engineering team(s). 

Practical ideas that may help you to improve how you measure and test the software related to UX

Target Audience

Anyone interested in finding ways to understand and improve UX



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