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Have unanswered Selenium questions? Want to learn how to use Selenium like a Pro? Join Dave Haeffner - author of The Selenium Guidebook - as he steps through the best and most useful tips & tricks from his weekly Selenium tip newsletter (Elemental Selenium).

Topics covered include:

  • Headless test execution
  • Testing HTTP status codes
  • Blacklisting third-party content
  • Load testing
  • Broken image checking
  • Testing "forgot password"
  • Working with A/B testing
  • File downloads
  • Additional debugging output
  • Visual testing & cross-browser testing

All examples will be demonstrated in Java.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Discuss the following topics (spending a few minutes on each):

- Headless testing with Xvfb & GhostDriver

- Automated visual testing & cross-browser testing

- Using a proxy server for HTTP Status Code checking, Blacklisting, and Load Testing

- Broken Image Checking (with a Proxy Server, an HTTP library, and JavaScript)

- Forgot Password

- A/B Testing

- File Management (e.g., uploading files, and downloading files with and without Selenium)

- Additional Debugging Output with highlighting elements and in-browser Growl notifications

- Q&A

Learning Outcome

How to enhance your Selenium tests with additional tactics like headless testing, using a proxy server, incorporating automated visual testing, etc.

Target Audience




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