Not Your Grandparent's JavaScript: Using ES.Next To Write Clean WebDriver Tests

The goto tool for functional testing has till now been grownup languages like Java or C#. But a funny thing happened in the last few years - JavaScript has grown up. The advent of ES6 (and now ES7 and 8) has turned JavaScript from a language that was not taken seriously into a beautiful and powerful language.

JavaScript should have been the goto language for testing web applications, given that it is the lingua franca of today’s web developers, but that has not happened. This talk aims to correct that, and show how the features in modern JavaScript affect automated tests written for Selenium WebDriver.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  1. Why JavaScript is a natural language
  2. Writing WebDriver tests the old way
  3. Learning new ES2018 features that will help you write WebDriver tests better
  4. Writing WebDriver tests the new way (using Async/await, classes, destructuring...)
  5. The advantages of the new way

Learning Outcome

  • How to write automated tests using Selenium WebDriverJS
  • How easy it is to write a test, using NodeJS and NPM
  • Using features like async/await and destructuring to make the code cleaner and more understandable.

Target Audience

Test Automation Developers, Frontend Developers

schedule Submitted 4 years ago