Selenium with Behave using Python - Workshop

In this workshop, we will learn in hands on how can we use Selenium open source test automation tool with Behave, the BDD for Python.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

Introduction to BDD

Understanding Gherkin

Setting PyDev, behave on eclipse

Hands on session to implementing behave with selenium on a live web application

Learning Outcome

Delegates will understand basics of BDD, features and benefits of Behave with Selenium

Target Audience

People who know Selenium

Prerequisites for Attendees

Should understand working of Selenium.

Should know Python


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  • Simon Stewart

    Simon Stewart - Fix a Bug, Become a Committer

    Simon Stewart
    Simon Stewart
    Project Lead
    The Selenium Project
    schedule 3 years ago
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    480 Mins

    Have you ever wondered how Selenium works under the covers? Do you get frustrated with locators not locating, pages not loading, or browsers behaving inconsistently from one run to the next? Selenium is an attempt to unify thousands of disparate elements across a wide spectrum of challenges into a single, common interface that works seamlessly with all the major browsers - and yet only a handful of volunteers work to maintain this gigantic effort. If you would like to enhance your own Selenium experience while contributing back to the software that has defined so many of our careers, come to this workshop. In it we'll dissect the different elements of Selenium, dive into its internals, learn how it was built and how to make changes to it, and even write a unit test you can contribute on the same day!

  • Anand Bagmar

    Anand Bagmar - Measuring Consumer Quality - The Missing Feedback Loop

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    How to build a good quality product is not a new topic. Proper usage of methodologies, processes, practices, collaboration techniques can yield amazing results for the team, the organisation, and for the end-users of your product.

    While there is a lot of emphasis on the processes and practices side, one aspect that is still spoken about "loosely" - is the feedback loop from your end-users to making better decisions.

    SO, What is this feedback loop? Is it a myth? How do you measure it? Is there a "magic" formula to understand this data received? How to you add value to your product using this data?

    In this interactive session, we will use a case study of a B2C entertainment-domain product (having millions of consumers) as an example to understand and also answer the following questions:

    • The importance of knowing your Consumers
    • How do you know your product is working well?
    • How do you know your Consumers are engaged with your product?
    • Can you draw inferences and patterns from the data to reach of point of being able to make predictions on Consumer behaviour, before making any code change?
  • Syam Sasi

    Syam Sasi / Jerry Zhao - How to build a device lab in your office in 48 hours!

    45 Mins

    Continuous testing is an integral part of continuous delivery pipeline. When it comes to mobile application, the testing become increasingly complex.

    As part of our internal quarter hackathon at Carousell, we developed an automation testing framework and device lab in 48 hours which has both parallel and distributed mode of running.

    We will share about how you can set up a similar device lab in your organization and the best practices to be followed.