Experience Report: Changing Testing Culture in a Ginormous Company

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How do you change culture, mindset, and skills in a global organization entrenched in practices that were outdated 20 years ago?

One small, frustrating step at a time.

In this talk I'll share my experiences working at a Fortune 10 company where I helped small teams of testers on three different continents dramatically change how they helped their projects deliver value to the company. I'll talk about dealing with people (NOT RESOURCES!), helping teams improve their technical skills, getting non-technical testers comfortable with writing automation code, navigating ways through corporate bureaucracy and fifedoms, and most importantly how to get advocates at levels that can actually help you with change.

This talk will be full of abject failures we suffered, but also highlight some of the amazing changes we saw over a three year period.

Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/jimholmes/changing-testing-culture-in-a-ginormous-organization


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I'm not exactly sure what's being asked for here. As outlined in my abstract, I have five to seven major topics of discussion. I vary depth and time for those points based on audience feedback, both verbal (questions) and non-verbal (skeptical stares, etc.)

Learning Outcome

  • Inspiration and motivation for attendees to know that change can occur in large organizations
  • Specific ideas on how to empower teams to drive change from the bottom up
  • Specific ideas on how to convince management to support change from the top down
  • Ideas on fostering honest collaboration across organizational groups that are resistant to change

Target Audience

Leads, managers, testers interested in being change agents.



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    This session is targeted to help team members write WebDriver code that's accurate, understandable, and maintainable. Learning these tips will help you and your teams write stable WebDriver scripts that won't require constant tweaking and maintenance.

    Attendees will see practical demonstrations of concepts including the Page Object Pattern, good Locator strategy, dealing with asynchronous actions, and writing custom APIs (also called "backing APIs") to help facilitate better testing.

    Additionally, we'll discuss why it's so important to team testers up with software developers in order to get the best out of testable systems.

    Examples will be in C#, but Ruby and Java will also be discussed—or any other platforms the attendees ask about.