UnitTests for ultimate speeding Test feedback - hands-on workshop

- Are you struggling to convince your dev team to adapt right Test Pyramid? And are able to evaluate the reasoning behind not doing it?

- Are you new to unit testing? TDD looks like a buzz word?

- Does it look like only for developers? If yes then we must meet, I have very interesting queries for you. One of them: Have you considered the value addition it has when a tester knows Unit Testing as well?

- Do you feel like you know the syntax, but would like to understand new idioms and where to use them?

- Want to learn and make the career doing full-time test automation called SDET?

Instead of just covering the syntax, we will introduce most of the UnitTests using nose/TestNg as we build code together.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Each section goes with understanding and implementing each one hands-on.


- Why unit tests, what is it and why should I care being the tester? 20 m
- Getting started [setup] 30 m
- Writing Tests: basics [ usage of unit tests library ] 45 m


How to cover most of the code with ease & speed up development & execution
- Parameterise 20 m
- Mock & various ways of using patch 30 m
- Mock with Autospec and SideEffect 30 m

Control test run 45 m
- Run specific test function
- Coverage html
- Speed up more with multi-process

Test Reporting: beautiful readable reports 30 m

Dont’s 30 m
Will work on few frequent typical mistakes which usually we do & tricks on how to avoid them

Empowerment to realise as Test Engineer

- Real examples on how to set up the right Test Pyramid 45 m

- More soft importances example: 15 m

More dev-qa bonding brings more collaboration and success

Q & A 45 m
We together work on the remaining problems

Learning Outcome

- Can write Unit tests from ground 0

- Can setup right Test Pyramid in the respective company. In turn, improving quality, speeding up test feedbacks and building more trust and respect between the dev and QA teams, towards healthier culture.

Target Audience

new to unit tests

Prerequisites for Attendees

We do it in Java or Python, based on most votes on language, we pick one of them.


* Basic knowledge of coding in Java is essential

* Jdk 1.7 or above installed


* Basic knowledge of coding in Python is essential

* Bring your own laptop with python 2.7 installed

Detailed setup instructions will be emailed a week before the workshop day

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Public Feedback

    • Samantha Connelly

      Samantha Connelly - Mobile Testing with Robots

      Samantha Connelly
      Samantha Connelly
      Lead Bug Hunter
      Insight Timer
      schedule 3 years ago
      Sold Out!
      45 Mins

      How can you use robots to help you test?

      Meet Tappy McTapFace, Tappy is a robot that was built during a 2 day hackathon to help demonstrate how robots could be used to automate testing on mobile apps. It's made out of 3D printable parts, based on Taptser 2.0 open source designs and can be programmed in javascript. Initially designed by the founder of Selenium.

      Just because you can automate this testing does it mean you should?

      We will also go through a visual based risk board to help answer this question.

    • Pooja Shah

      Pooja Shah / Akshay Goel - Git workshop from the scratch [Beginner]

      90 Mins
      • You are new to GIT or using GIT but it scares... you often find it time-consuming or confusing when code conflicts happen while using Git especially when you commit a binary file Example: your TestData Excel sheet, test mobile app | apk.
      • Want to avoid the pains of investing huge time resolving the conflicts or thinking over like "oh! I committed to a wrong branch, how can I bring these commits in another?"
      • Don't like to enjoy remembering the GIT commands?

      This workshop aims to get you quickly started (hands-on) with Git concepts from the scratch and then jump into the tips and tricks to prevent/resolve conflicts quicker way and how to make best out of it. We will start from basics and keep moving to the advanced level with real hands-on examples.

      And all that we learn, we are going to remember easily. How? come, join and experience the easy GIT.


      Will also work on few frequent typical mistakes which usually we do & tips on how to avoid them and save a lot of time.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      Sanjay Kumar - ChroPath - a smarter way to get locators and verify them.

      Sanjay Kumar
      Sanjay Kumar
      ChroPath Creator
      schedule 3 years ago
      Sold Out!
      20 Mins

      still writing relative xpath manually ?

      Do you want to save 20-30% time of automation script writing ?

      Feeling frustrated while writing unique locators ?

      looking for firepath replacement ?