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Why would you want to build your own mobile device lab for test automation? Isn’t it difficult to maintain and expensive? Yes it is! But we (Anand Bagmar, Priyank Shah and Lavanya Mohan) still had to. And this one time setup activity had a huge ROI.

From our experience in working for an OTT (over the top entertainment) content rich product that has presence in various regions with a large customer base, we have had learnings of how to build quality in-house and making testing repeatable.

We will cover the reason we chose to build the Mobile Automation Devices lab (MAD Lab) in-house, how we chose the devices and OS combinations, our experiments and learnings, etc.

More details about MAD-LAB can be found in blogposts by Anand:


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

In this talk, we will cover our learnings with the following points:

  • Our automation strategy
  • The reasons we chose to build an in-house device lab instead of a cloud based solution
  • Implementation details of MAD Lab (Mobile Automation Devices Lab) - learnings from failed experiments
  • Criteria for selecting devices and OS versions in MAD Lab
  • Core implementation

Learning Outcome

  • Learning from our experiments - what worked and what didn’t
  • Why and how to build a mobile test automation framework in-house
  • Details about managing devices, running tests via CI, etc.

Target Audience

Anyone who would be interested in understanding the reasons to build an in-house device lab for automation and what may or may not work

Prerequisites for Attendees




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