Behat - Arguably the best PHP tool to switch to Automated testing from Manual

In no time, the term 'Manual QA" is going to be a dinosaur. What does that mean? Are all the Manual QA going to extinct? Thank Behat, Manual testers can have a bright career into Automation. The term automation is itself horrifying, which means complex framework, complex setup and the biggest of all, lots and lots of coding involved.

Behat is an open source BDD PHP framework. It has a rich library of extensions which will help you test user workflow and interact with the Web application using Mink, test your APIs and also develop a Page Object Automation framework.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this session, I will be covering the following basic topics:

  1. What is BDD?
  2. What is Gherkin?
  3. How to install Behat?
  4. Various options in Gherkin like Background, Scenario, Scenario Outline
  5. How to get started with writing Behat tests in a feature file which are known as Scenarios in Behat?
  6. Three basic steps to setup any Behat extension using composer.json and behat.yml files
  7. Mink extension
  8. Mink selectors
  9. Running behat tests using Mink
  10. Mink Drivers - Selenium2
  11. Running selective Scenarios (tests)
  12. Skip / exclude tests from Test suite
  13. Introduction to custom functions
  14. Demonstration
  15. Widely used Behat extensions

Learning Outcome

In this session, you will learn:

  1. How to get started with writing Behat tests using Gherkin?
  2. How to run Behat tests in a headless browser and a physical browser?
  3. How to setup any Behat extension?
  4. How to create a basic custom function when ready-made step definitions are not available?

Target Audience

QA Engineer, Test Engineer, Technical Project Manager, Automation Engineer

Prerequisites for Attendees

Reading a bit about the following topics would be helpful:

  1. Gherkin
  2. BDD

Setup the following on your machine if you want to catch up after the session and have some quick hands-on experience:

  1. MAMP (Mac) / LAMP (Linux) / XAMPP (Windows)
  2. Composer (global installation preferred)


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