Big data is almost used by most of the Advertisement applications. In Advertisement world most of the functionalities /logics are written in jobs/batches rather than web components. Enhancing your UI automation framework to handle jobs and automating it, increases confidence on the quality of your application.

We have automated Hadoop job processing with UI/API automation to achieve quality. With selenium we have integrated other libraries such as JerseyClient, Jsch, Beetest to create a framework to support API, Spring Batch and Hive.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Challenges in Automating Big Data Application. (2 Min)
  • Handling Hive in Big Data. (3 Min)
  • Use of Jsch. (2 Min)
  • Use of Beetest (2 Min)
  • Testing Approach. (4 Min)
  • Framework Architecture. (3 Min)
  • Integrating Jsch/Beetest with Framework ( 3 Min)
  • Questions(1 Min)

Learning Outcome

  • How to handle Big Data Jobs
  • Way to integrate other tools with Automation Framework
  • How to integrate your backend Test Cases with cucumber

Target Audience

QA, SDET, Big Data interested Folks

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Understanding of Hadoop Eco System.
  • Basic knowledge of Hive.
  • Hands on experience in any of the programming language.
  • Sound knowledge in any of the automation tool.


schedule Submitted 5 years ago