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Build, deploy and test is what we all are familiar with and is commonly termed as continuous integration in our humungous world of software products.

Each build has new code commits, fresh changes in UI/functionality and sometimes even legacy code gets altered to accommodate changes but we always execute same old regression tests with same old stale data. Isn’t it unfair?

Not arguing that regression is to be executed on same static data, but what if your test data is equally well framed to match your regression testing requirements but in each run, it is unique and has about 40% more chances of finding new bugs?

Eyes wide open?

Yes, you heard it. In my workplace we did an experiment which further led to the creation of “Continuous Test Data Generators” and today we execute about 1000+ test cases on fresh data and has helped find regression as well as bugs in new functionalities with very little or no changes in scripts or data drivers.

In this session, will be showcasing:

— How and why you need continuously generated fresh test data for your daily, nightly or even smoke tests. How to create such generators in few simple steps.

— How this test data helps find bugs and keep your test environment fresh and lively with new data and hence appears to be like production data which you never ever get to see in test environments.

CTDG is a conglomeration of automated test data generation as well as back-end data injection in order to achieve much more speed and accuracy.

The test data generated is goal-oriented and pathwise, so as no data is raw data, thus needing some amount of human intervention in terms of the application under test.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • What and Why of Data Generators?
  • How did this test data help find bugs and keep your test environment fresh?
  • Demo

Learning Outcome

In this talk you will learn:

  • Importance of CTDG
  • How and when to build test data generators?
  • Increase test coverage in your existing tests
  • Quantitative vs Qualitative test data

Target Audience

SDET, QA Leads, Automation Engineers, Manual testers, Test architects and managers



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Public Feedback

    • Sushant Soni

      Sushant Soni - Analytics Testing: Look beneath the surface

      45 Mins

      Web Analytics is almost on every website on the internet these days. People gather a lot of useful insights from analytics and optimize their website to increase its effectiveness. As a QA of an analytics tool, it is our responsibility to make sure that the data which is displayed in the reports is correct: Testing beneath the surface becomes important.

      In this session you will learn

      • What web analytics is?
      • Why is it important?
      • How to test and automate it?
      • How is it equally important to test the analytics data?
      • What challenges exist in testing analytics tools?