Running too many tests could be expensive in the agile world. Selecting the right test cases to run has always been a tough task.

In this talk, I intend to explain how machine learning could help us determine test cases to run from a large test suite. I start explaining the problem itself and the variables that we can take into account in order to decide the most representative tests.

We will explore examples of situations of data relationships that would not seem to be obvious for a human but a machine could detect.

Then I explain a bit on machine learning and how it could be applied to this problem. We will look into how much reliable this solution would be and what can we do to implement it, as well as alternatives to this solution.

Last I show an example and open for questions.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  1. What are we trying to solve?
  2. Examples of the problem and how do we currently solve it
  3. Rule-based system
  4. Machine learning solution
  5. Demo
  6. Questions

Learning Outcome

  • This talk would provide new ways of automating tasks and would inspire the audience.
  • It would also open discussions about the future of testing and the ethics of relying on computers to do human tasks.

Target Audience

Anybody interested in AI, ML or in improving their efficiency for test case execution

Prerequisites for Attendees

No previous requirements, I think all levels could get something interesting out of it.

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    • Noemi Ferrera

      Noemi Ferrera - Testing in VR world

      Noemi Ferrera
      Noemi Ferrera
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      45 Mins

      Virtual reality it's taking importance in the recent days. In the testing side we need to take into account some particularities of the platform that might not be common in other platforms.

      In this talk, I intent to cover the different testing branches and what we would need to check while in VR.