Testing as a Chat : Test anything , from anywhere as a chat conversation

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Recently DevOps movement has given rise to a need to maintain visibility across the teams.How will your testing team keep pace with this change in future?

Chat based Testing is basically extending ChatOps to testing that will keeps the people involved in software development more connected and facilitates conversation-driven development.
It allows you to aggregate information about processes, discussions, QA, and testing. This flow improves the delivery of information about the status of the project to all members of the team.Also It allows to present, demonstrate, and reproduce an issue to the other teams.
which can be fixed before they reach users or customers—with minimal disruption to the delivery pipeline.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

This talk will demonstrate how to leverage ChatOps to improve the testing process with key focus on:

1.Basics of the ChatOps and specifically its application on the test automation.
2.How ChatOps can enable better communication,improves visibility of failures leading to the higher quality of the released software.
3.Examples to Implement Chat based testing for driving entire testing with open source project.
4.Integrating ChatOps with testing and monitoring tools to achieve easily manageable continuous delivery pipeline.
5.Best practices and patterns for ChatOps success.

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome

1.ChatOps, how it works and why its important to testing
2.ChatBots technology,platforms and comparisons.
3.Integrating your existing tests with ChatOps tools.
4.Integrate ChatOps with your CI pipeline
5.Ready to start examples for taking your projects ahead with ChatOps.

Target Audience

Testers,Developers and Product Managers



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  • Srinivasan Sekar

    Srinivasan Sekar / Sai Krishna - Code Once Test Anywhere: On Demand Private Appium Device Cloud using ATD

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Mobile Test Automation is increasingly becoming very important. Almost all web applications are responsive these days and it's very important to test how the application works across devices. The same is true with the native application as well. At the same time, the number of devices and the custom OS versions on devices are also vast. This means that it's harder for a tester to manually run the automated tests over a list of devices to get device coverage and quicker results over every feature development.

    We came up with a solution of executing tests in distributed or parallel fashion across remote devices from anywhere in the network using Appium Test Distribution. Same framework is officially used by Appium members for Beta testing of Appium.

    USP of ATD over other Market Solutions:

    • Device Cloud:
      • Setup Devices anywhere within a network, ATD executes remotely without Grid
      • Never worry about device location in network.
    • Plug and Play:
      • Connect your android/iOS devices or Emulators/Simulators and just execute tests.
    • Multiple TestRunner:
      • TestNG and Cucumber
    • Parallel Test Execution:
      • Runs across all connected iOS, Android real devices and Simulators/Emulators
    • Test Coverage:
      • Parallel(Run entire suite across all devices, which gives device coverage)
      • Distribute(Run tests across devices to get faster feedback).
    • Device Management:
      • Manage devices remotely using Device Manager.
    • Reporting:
      • Covers detailed crashes logs from Android and iOS.
      • Appium Servers logs
      • Screenshots on Failures and On Demand Video logs
      • Reporting Trends for multiple builds
    • Manual Access to Remote Devices - OpenSTF support

    Who loves/uses ATD?

    ThoughtWorks, CeX, Jio, TravelStart, M800, Reward Gateway and lot more.