Using Machine Learning & AI for remediation of test automation assets

Every enterprise spends a considerable amount of automation budget to maintain the automation scripts. The maintenance activities are due to changes the workflow, User Interface or due to automation script defects. The talk is about a solution that will help you to automatically maintain test automation assets by continuous Inspection on the quality and status of test automation assets an automate remediation of issues that minimizes upkeep cost. The solution uses Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and can be easily integrated with a Selenium based automation framework.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Common Challenges in Test Automation Maintenance

Details of Solution Components

Benefits of the solution


Learning Outcome

How to reduce test automation maintenance cost

Understand how machine learning and AI can be used to improve testing

Target Audience

Automation Engineers, Architects and Leads

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge on Selenium or any test automation tool

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