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Time waits for no one in a rapid, constantly evolving Digital Era. In this session you will learn how Appium, an open source test automation tool, is playing a significant role in bringing the extreme fast changes to the market in a real-time digital environment.

Mobile Banking apps involves extensive testing due to multiple data variations, multiple app states, complex app flows, secured authentication, integration with third party apps, need of tests in different test environments, complex/secured back-end systems. Achieving automation with these complexity is not so easy, it comes with lot of challenges to get the benefit of automation. This session helps one to understand the complexity involved in automating the banking app or similar native application and solutions for the same.

Will also walk through the journey of our CICD - Integration of MobileLabs into our automation to achieve the highly reliable parallel runs on real physical devices.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Intro of Mobile Banking (Native App) - Automation
  • Various Challenges and solutions for the enterprise banking automation
    • Maintaining app statue during failure for iOS & Android Native apps
    • Achieving SSO jump via automation
    • Handling complex app flows & multiple app states
    • Write once, test anywhere with various data conditions on multiple environment
    • How to handle complex back end and burnable test data
  • CICD Journey with Appium
    • Grid with emulators/simulators - Challenges
    • Integration of in house Mobile Labs with Selenium Grid to achieve faster and reliable parallel runs on physical devices.
  • Native automation framework overview with CI
  • Benefits

Learning Outcome

  • Take away the solutions for most common challenges faced in any native mobile automation.
  • To understand the complexity involved in automating any secured/complex native application and solutions for the same.
  • How to achieve faster parallel executions in Mobile Labs - mobile device cloud in integration with Selenium Grid.

Target Audience

Test Engineers, DevOps, Anyone working on automation with selenium or Appium

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Participants should have the basic idea of automation, basic knowledge on selenium or
  • Interest and passion towards test automation.



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      Have you ever wondered how Selenium works under the covers? Do you get frustrated with locators not locating, pages not loading, or browsers behaving inconsistently from one run to the next? Selenium is an attempt to unify thousands of disparate elements across a wide spectrum of challenges into a single, common interface that works seamlessly with all the major browsers - and yet only a handful of volunteers work to maintain this gigantic effort. If you would like to enhance your own Selenium experience while contributing back to the software that has defined so many of our careers, come to this workshop. In it we'll dissect the different elements of Selenium, dive into its internals, learn how it was built and how to make changes to it, and even write a unit test you can contribute on the same day!