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In the world of CI/CT/CD, it’s extremely important to have a scalable infrastructure which enables your tests to run in extreme parallelism and in the reliable/predictable way. In our talk, we will take you through the journey of reducing the test execution pain-points in terms of time, resource availability, conflict handling, state management etc.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this talk, we will take you through -

  1. How we prioritized some of the fundamental test execution challenges.
  2. How we used creating/running the end-to-end infrastructure on AWS ECS
  3. Why & how did we create AWS resources to run selenium grid on ECS.
  4. How we use Terraform to write our whole infrastructure as code to prevent any human mistake and manual intervention. This also helps manage running tests on infrastructure, with some default state/ configurations.

Learning Outcome

One click autoscale infrastructure without any manual intervention running on the cloud.

Target Audience

Testers, Developers, Devops

Prerequisites for Attendees

It would be good if the participants understand what Docker and selenium grid are before the session.



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