Okay so what if we are Manual Testers, we look at some core areas of testing. But then, we are often told to go the Automation way to improve efficiency, the throughput of our work and all the other blah blah blah..

So no harm in doing Automation, but now comes the difficult part - Do we need to learn a language like Java/Python; Which tool do I learn etc. Can I do mobile testing with it?

An interesting solution to all such questions is an OpenSource tool called 'Katalon'.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Manual Testing Landscape

- Changing face of Testing and its trends

- KATALON - A boon for Manual Testers

- Tool features - Ease of usage

- Web/Mobile Testing

- Framework under Katalon

- Integration with JIRA

(The talk will also accompany case study experience on how Katalon has increased Automation Adoption level for a large banking institution in their QA landscape).

Learning Outcome

- Manual testers can now Automation without coding knowledge.

- A new tool that Automation Engineers can learn to improvise their architecture.

Target Audience

Test Managers, Manual Testers, Functional Testers

Prerequisites for Attendees

No coding knowledge required :)

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  • Dharmesh Vaya

    Dharmesh Vaya - Let's do Desktop with WebDriver !!!

    45 Mins

    There have been several tools that can do Desktop Automation; however, most of them are commercial tools. Did you know that there is an implementation using the WebDriver that can perform Desktop Automation - Its called Winium. This talk is about this unsung hero in the world of Automation.