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When we witness or experience some situations, we learn a lot more from them.

Games are a great way of learning something new and also for making common but often overlooked things more obvious.

In this session, we propose to play a game which will help us understand the impact of win-lose situations. This game involves multiple teams that have to make quick decisions within the team as well as across teams in order to win as many points as possible. It involves negotiation and competition with other teams but at the same time co-operation too.

We will also have a discussion about learnings from the game.

The idea of the game and more details about it are here:


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction to the game and it’s rules
  • Playing the game where teams try to win as many points as possible
  • Discussion and learnings

Learning Outcome

  • This game will help individuals learn how negotiation and cooperation can help everyone succeed and collectively win.
  • It will also help people understand that sometimes what looks like a win at the surface might be a loss if seen from a larger perspective. This will help people realise what can be done to have a collective success.

Target Audience

Any individual who wants to learn impact of win-lose situations and understand benefits of cooperation and negotiation.

Prerequisites for Attendees



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