Have you ever heard "you are just a tester"? Have you ever felt being a tester is just a stop for "better" position? Are you afraid someday test automation will take your job? Do you feel you could bring more value for your team but don't know how?

Hi, I'm BeardedQA and I have some answers.

During this talk, I'll share my experience about moving from Manual Tester to Quality Assurance Engineer position, what quality assurance really is and how to give more value for your team.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Difference between testing and quality assurance.

- How to assure quality before and after testing.

- Ok, so why do we need Quality Assurance Engineers not Testers?

Learning Outcome

Quality assurance is wider topic than testing. If you realize that and understand the differences, you will be able to develop more skills and give more value for your team and the company what will bring you admiration and glory. And money. Don't forget about the money.

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mind

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Public Feedback

    • Tomasz Konieczny

      Tomasz Konieczny - Serverless - how to speed up tests over 300 times and achieve continuous feedback?

      45 Mins

      Automated tests can provide results faster and it’s possible to execute them more frequently than manual ones. That allows to test earlier in the development process, decrease overall time needed for tests and what is probably the most important it’s possible to release and deliver business value faster and more frequently.

      But what if we have more and more tests and even automated execution of them takes too much time - 10 minutes... 30 minutes... maybe even hours? Should we consider the ability to execute full tests set just a few times a day as something normal? Is adding more compute resources the only option to reduce the execution time? Or maybe there are too many high-level tests and some of them should be replaced by low-level ones according to tests pyramid? Is the tests pyramid still valid in the cloud world?

      During the presentation you will see how the serverless cloud services like AWS Lambda may be used to run tests in the highly parallelized environment that can speed up execution even hundreds of times.

    • Benjamin Bischoff

      Benjamin Bischoff - Smoke tests and mirrors - magic principles in test automation

      45 Mins

      Having been a hobbyist magician for 34 years, I started noticing that some close-up and stage magic principles and theories don't only apply to magic tricks but also to software testing.

      An example of this is the application of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) in software development. This helps to avoid unnecessary code complexity and make it easy to understandable and follow. In magic, this applies as well. Magicians strive for clarity and simplicity by creating effects that are easy to follow for spectators.

      In this sessions, I will try to connect those two worlds and thus combine two of my passions. Also, I will try my best to illustrate the magic side of things with demonstrations. This is a challenge I set for myself - let’s see how it goes.

    • Tomasz Wojciechowski

      Tomasz Wojciechowski / Tomasz Wojtuń - How to run 2500 selenium tests in an hour.

      45 Mins
      Case Study

      If you are tired of waiting for your selenium tests status and old fasioned ways of reporting tests status, you are in a good place.

      We will show you our test environment setup and how we run over 2500 tests in about an hour. Not cool enough? Take a look how we make reports via slack.

      Do you want to check if we can be even more faster?